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camp testimony

Getting to experience a small part of the everyday life in Ukraine was incredible and I will treasure forever. I want to thank everyone for this wonderful and amazing experience. It has rejuvenated my soul in a way I cannot describe, but look forward to seeing what God has in store for me next and serving Him even more. Until my next visit, stay safe and God Bless!!


Carolyn Garton is a long term volunteer ministering at the rehab center in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. She is loving and caring for people who sometimes find it hard to love. She helps through teaching, worship and powerful prayer. Carolyn guides by personal example, helping people in desperate need to experience the love of the God.

Eye operation

Lena was in need of an eye operation and had no one to help her. She was praying one day and experienced Jesus in her room listening to her cry. Soon after that, one of our volunteers, Jodi, visited her. Today, Lena is getting her needed operations and the doctors in the clinic are amazed at the great results, calling her God's miracle!


While visiting a mother with a special needs child, and hearing of their difficult situation, a recent team decided to pitch in and help us renovate Tanya and Egor's apartment and change their lives!


Thomas and Rachel each came to Ukraine as volunteers, several times actually. Their love for missions and for each other grew! One day, Thomas proposed to Rachel IN UKRAINE! And now, one year later, they are happily back on the mission field, together, with us!

10,000 HOMES

Over the past year, volunteers like Glenn Williams, joyfully helped us deliver groceries to over 10,000 families in need! The Lord told us to "give them something to eat" in this time of turbulence. Never before have we found people so open to the love of a neighbor!


Our History

Loads of Love has hosted over 100 teams of individuals (for up to two weeks) who wanted to join with our team to change the lives of the people of Ukraine. The teams primarily focus on children's summer camps, orphanage assistance, renovation, church planting, our annual McJoyful program and home visits.

Long Term Volunteers

We have hosted over 50 individuals who served with us for one, two or even twelve months! We have accommodations available for everyone who wants to immerse themselves into helping others less fortunate, the forgotten and each precious soul that God directs us to help."

Join Us

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in Ukraine, please contact Ed Dickson at ed.dickson@yahoo.com for more details on this amazing opportunity.


Valentina has nine children (her oldest is 20 and her youngest is one) and she is trying desperately to support them as a single-mom with extremely little financial support. They rent a small apartment and she does their laundry every day by hand. Valentina was recently visited by a short term team from Texas and she told them about the wash. She said she prays to God every day in tears because of the pain in her arms and hands. Guess what? The team paid for the washing machine and, when we delivered it, Valentina said, "I thank God that HE sent you to help me! He reached me through His ambassadors!"