By Ed Dickson


I first visited Uzbekistan in 1996. During my second visit, in 1997, we began helping in an orphanage for disabled children, had several mission teams from Canada serve there, and later extended our work to include ‘forgotten’ seniors. I became aware of the plight of abandoned seniors through my acquaintance with Alfiya.

Alfiya has a team of volunteers who serve in several institutions where seniors are placed due to their various, difficult situations. Alfiya told me, «My goal is not only to help these wonderful people with physical needs, because when I started helping them, I realized that each of them had a very intriguing history! I found poets, professors, and, in fact, found them all to be extremely significant people! I realized that my goal, along with helping them physically and spiritually, was to help restore their dignity!»

Alfiya and her team have recently been given an open door to the new government center for homeless people, and during my visit to Uzbekistan in 2019, I was overwhelmed with the opportunities that she has been given to change a nation.

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