grocery blessing


By Ed Dickson

grocery blessing

When the COVID-19 lockdowns hit the countries we serve, we felt the Lord saying, «Give the people something to eat.» We started targeting families that we knew were struggling.

One couple, who had lost their income due to the shutdown, told us they were standing in their kitchen together, holding hands and praying, because they had completely run out of food. While they were praying, their phone rang. It was one of our volunteers telling them we were bringing them some groceries!

Of course, we knew that God was with us in this effort. In the past six months we have provided a huge grocery blessing to over 4,000 families!

Thank you, everyone, for believing in miracles with us!

Here are a few testimonies …

This is Veronica and her beautiful children. Veronica was one of the orphan girls we helped for many years. God answered her prayers when she was adopted by one of the employees of the orphanage. Life has not always been easy. Her husband left her and she is raising two children on her own, but still she is determined to keep her children and not let history repeat itself by taking her kids to the orphanage. The groceries were a gift from God for her.

This is Valentina. She was born in 1937 and all her life has been a staunch communist. She was an atheist and closed to the Gospel. She had had three strokes which left her bedridden. We always tell people, when we deliver groceries, that God told us to do this. God touched Valentina’s heart and she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Then, she was baptised in the Holy Spirit

This is Auntie Tonya. We have been inviting her to church, for years, without success. When we delivered groceries to her we found Auntie Tonya in a deep depression. She opened her heart to us and we learned that a local company had cheated her and she lost all her money. She didn’t know how she would survive now. After hearing her situation we were able to fully share the good news of Jesus Christ and Auntie Tonya listened very intently. Then, she gave her life to Jesus! After we prayed, Auntie Tonya’s face lit up and we told her that if she ever began to feel depressed again she could call us, at any time, and we would pray for her. And we would visit again and again! Through this gift of groceries, the Holy Spirit opened Auntie Tonya’s door and her heart!

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