By Ed Dickson


I first went to Kyrgyzstan in 1997. We (Canadian church) helped develop a new Bible college in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. In 1998, I began helping orphan children in that region. One of the students from the Bible college volunteered to help me develop the help for the children. On a later trip, I was looking at some of the pictures he had of the work, and I noticed a young husband and wife who were always in the pictures. I asked him, who are these people? He said, «That’s Sergey and Anya Bazhenov. They always come out to help us.» I asked, «Do you pay them?» He replied, «No. They just really love to help the kids.» I knew right away that I had found the new directors of our orphan ministry in Kyrgyzstan! miracles continue!

Since those days, Sergey and Anya have developed an impressive web of people and programs transforming orphanages, hospitals and seniors homes. For me, it’s been a great honor to personally witness the miracles that they have been a part of in their beautiful homeland. Several churches and organizations have partnered with us to see that the miracles continue!they had completely run out of food. While they were praying, their phone rang. It was one of our volunteers telling them we were bringing them some groceries!

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