Our Team

Ed Dickson

Overseas Director at Loads of Love Humanitarian Aid and Mission Society

Ed Dickson and his family have been serving orphan children, seniors, refugees and local churches in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the Middle East since 1996.

Ed was born in Canada, raised on a tomato farm, and received a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics. One day, visiting orphan children in Ukraine, his life goals were changed. Ed has been serving children since that day.

Program Director, Ukraine

Irina Krizhanovskaya. She has been working for 15 years with Loads of Love. Now she works with adults with disabilities in neuropsychiatric boarding school. She founded and runs the Krasnovka camp project.

Regional Director, Uzbekistan

Alfiya Muchamedzhanova has been working with Loads of Love for over 15 years. She is helping seniors and the homeless in Uzbekistan.

Program Director, Ukraine

Lena Giniatulina is the pastor of a church in Ukraine and provides training courses for children in public schools and vulnerable families.

Regional Director, Ukraine

Tanya Bashinskaya. Project manager, translator, team assistance.

Regional Directors, Kyrgyzstan

Sergey and Anya Bajenov
have been serving with Loads of Love for over 20 years. They are helping orphan children in Kyrgyzstan.

Program Director, Ukraine

Anya Boyarskaya manages our mission teams and is also responsible for communications.

Medical Director, Ukraine

Dima Zaichko
has been serving with us for 13 years. He is responsible for the projects Operation can be done and Medicine and he does it with joy.

Program Director, Middle East

Hanna Massad. Loads of Love has partnered with Hanna to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraqi refugees in Jordan.

Program Director, Ukraine

Lena Taran She coordinates summer Bible camps and also runs the McJoyful Christmas program! Her team works in the orphanages

Program Director, Ukraine

Tanya Belashova founded and manages our programs in the public schools of Ukraine.

Program Director, Ukraine

Anya Kozub coordinates our programs assisting special needs children and adults in Dnipro.

Treasurer, Ukraine

Lidia Lepehina pastors a church in Ukraine and handles all our accounting and reporting processes.

Superstar, Ukraine

Yury Soroka is the "jack of all trades" who helps to make all our lives just a bit more fun.

Program Director, Ukraine

Olya Slobodanyuk
has been working with Loads of Love in Ukraine for over 20 years.at the Orphanage for Children with Special Needs.

Program Director, Ukraine

Anya Zaichko manages our child sponsorship program and coordinates assistance for orphanages and families in need..

Program Director, Ukraine

Alex Makayov is the pastor at church in Ukraine and is our connection to the former Mennonite colonies here.

Program Director, Ukraine

Vitaliy Kolonii is developing our summer camp for special needs children Sasha's Dream.

Program Director, Ukraine

Tatyana Brusnik assists with our efforts to help families with special needs children.

Program Director, Ukraine

Zhenya and his wife Bogdana Sidoruk live in Poltava, and coordinate outreach to orphanages and youth.

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