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6 years


Igor is being raised by a single mom. He was born completely well but at the age of two his legs began to twist. His mom could not afford the cost of the operation. We have paid for and coordinated two major surgeries on his legs. Now he is in need of critical rehabilitation, after which, we are believing that he walk! The cost of rehabilitation is 150 dollars per month for six months.

8 years


Radion and his eight brothers are all living in an orphanage. Before the children were taken from their parents, Radion lost part of his leg when he fell under a train. He is an extremely happy boy, despite his circumstances. He needs a prosthesis and further medical attention. Cost of prosthesis: 300 dollars

7 years


Egor is living in an extremely poor family. He is being raised by a single mom and his grandfather, who is bedridden lives with them also. Egor needs surgery on his legs [so that he will be able to walk]. He has problems with his arms and stomach as well. He can eat only blended foods. After his surgeries he will need a rehabilitation. Cost of the operation and rehabilitation is 1,500 dollars.


Over 15 years

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Testimony of maria gorbatko

When Maria was six years old, she was put into an orphanage due to the problems her parents had. Her legs were severely deformed and she could not walk without major assistance. Loads of Love volunteers noticed this cheerful, good-natured girl and she began a series of major medical operations and physiotherapy.

Maria told us that, one time, during anesthesia she saw a bright light and someone she didn’t know. She said that when this Person was near her she felt very good and unbelievably secure. Maria’s dream has come true! She can walk and she does it with the smile!

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