The Gaza Christian Church


By Ed Dickson

The Gaza Christian Church

In a room on the fifth floor of a building owned by the Gaza Christian Church I joined together with over 100 on-fire souls for an awesome evening!  Their zeal was notable, since I knew that most of them could never leave this region, and they had all lived through attrocities, like the recent murder of one of their deacons by a local terrorist group.

I had the great honour of asking them all for forgiveness, on behalf of the western church, for not doing more to help and encourage them.  I did tell them, that there is, at least, several churches that I work with who are very interested in helping and encouraging them!

For two days, I had the opportunity to travel with a few good men from the church and deliver food and other aid to Christians and poverty-stricken families in the Gaza Strip.  I was very impressed with the people who are helping Pastor Hanna do the humanitarian work and saw, first hand, how every dollar we give to them is being used wisely and efficiently to help people in that region see the unbiased love of God.

I was able to purchase two fridges for poor families, provide the funds for a medical operation that one small boy desperately needed, and encourage so many people!

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