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Over 20 years ago, I walked into an orphanage in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, that local people referred to as, "The place that God forgot." I could never have imagined how much that day would change my life. When I was leaving the orphanage it hit me (like a giant tear drop falling with heaven) when we stop seeking our own will (and our own desires) then God can really lead us to the places He wants us to go!

This website focuses on Loads of Love's humanitarian and missionary efforts in Eurasia (which have been going for over 25 years!). To explore the work of Loads of Love in Canada and other parts of the world, click here ...

Thank you SO much for believing in miracles with me!

What We Do

Helping Orphan Children

Through long-term relationships with orphanage directors, our workers are able to identify critical needs ...


McJoyful Christmas

On a cold December day in 2001, I was in Ukraine and wondering, "What am I going to do for Christmas?" That's ...


Volunteers and Teams

Loads of Love in Ukraine has hosted over 100 teams of individuals (for up to two weeks) who wanted to ...

Latest Causes

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need . Help to deprived children with your little donation. Go Through Our Causes

Over 4,000 families blessed through Loads of Love's GROCERY BLESSING!

Loads of Love reaching children with Summer Camps despite quarantine!

Over 3,000 children blessed at McJoyful Christmas!

Latest News

During the quarantine, Loads of Love in Ukraine has been busier than ever! We've blessed thousands of families and so many VERY special people here. Take a look!

4,000 BLESSED!

Over 4,000 families have been blessed in the past six months!

Fixin' Up Ukraine!

We have started a new program of extreme makeovers for very special people!

Loads of Love ... "Sharing God's love in our own community and around the world"

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