Ukraine Refugees


By Ed Dickson

Helping Ukraine Refugees

Picture We are doing everything we can, right now, to help the people of eastern Ukraine who are suffering because of the war. Many orphan children have been moved to summer camps and do not have the resources and assistance they need to live healthy lives. Loads of Love is providing aid ‘packages’ (with soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.) to these children right now. We are also helping to provide winter clothing as the cold weather begins to set in to the eastern regions.

Many families who fled their homes under rocket-fire are now living in other parts of Ukraine where they may have family or friends. Most of these families are without work and struggling to provide for their children right now. Seriously, though, what an amazing thing it is for us to provide these families with some desperately needed food and clothing!

We have also just shipped three full containers of humanitarian aid from our Loads of Love warehouse in Canada for these folks! Every single family that we have helped have asked me to make sure I let everyone who gave know how grateful they are for the warm clothing and warm feelings of HOPE that were sent from Canada for them!

And here’s the BIG news … the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada recently partnered with Loads of Love to help the refugees here and they raised $50,000 which we are urgently dispersing to the people with the greatest needs! Yes, together we are making a BIG difference!

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