Buriy Oogliy Men's Institution

By Irina Krizhanovskaya

Buriy Oogliy Men's Institution

Loads of Love began helping the men at the Buriy Oogliy Institution (just outside the city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine) in 2006. When we first arrived, we found many of the men in an uncovered cage behind the main building. When we offered them bananas, through the bars, they began eating without peeling them. We quickly realized they had never seen bananas before.

We knew God loved these men and so we began our ministry there by asking the Lord, where we should start. We began with festive picnics in the back yard! Hot dogs, coffee and cookies were treats they had never known. Then we began dressing them well and taking them on excursions to the circus, the opera and camping!

Through the years we shared more and more about the God who loves them very much and has a plan for their lives. Year after year, the Loads of Love team visited the men regularly and began meeting their medical and physical needs as well. Teams and friends from Canada and the USA also came regularly to let the men know that they were not forgotten.

Recently, there was a change in leadership at Buriy Oogliy. God brought a new director to the place, who was a born-again Christian! He began so many positive changes, and most of all, gave us permission to have regular church services with the men in the auditorium. The first church service there were over 300 men in attendance! With the help of a fabulous local church, regular services are now being held and this past year over 35 men were baptised!

The spiritual growth of these men has been miraculous! One of the men has been studying his Bible now for over ten years and was recently ordained as a minister!

The needs are different but the goal is the same … to be the evident hand of God in the children’s lives.

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