"It's not about having goals of your own. It's about having God's goals as your own." - Ed Dickson


It’s easy because the passion and love involved is overwhelmingly stronger than the difficulty of the task! Loads of Love has been «blessed» to be leading a phenomenal group of local workers and volunteers who are completely pumped with the task!

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Operation Can Be Done

In 1996, I was working as an international consultant in Ukraine, when a friend came from Canada with a suitcase full of gifts for the orphan children. I did not know, until we stepped into the orphanage that day, that there were a large number of children living in deplorable conditions in institutions around the country.


Picture On a cold December day in 2001, I was in Ukraine and wondering, "What am I going to do for Christmas?" That's when I got an idea that would eventually change the lives of thousands of orphans!

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I first went to Kyrgyzstan in 1997. We (Canadian church) helped develop a new bible college in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. In 1998, I began helping orphan children in that region. One of the students from the college volunteered to help me develop that assistance to the orphans and on a later trip, I was looking at some of the pictures he had from their work, and I noticed a young husband and wife who were always in the pictures.


Picture In 2004, I made the first of many visits to the Gaza strip. My wife and I went because her sister had married a doctor from Gaza who had studied in Kiev, Ukraine. When they were showing us around Gaza City we were near the parliament buildings and I was surprised to see a big cross along the road.

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Picture I first visited Uzbekistan in 1996. During my second visit, in 1997, we began helping in an orphanage for disabled children, had several mission teams from Canada serve there, and later extended our work to include 'forgotten' seniors. I became aware of the plight of abandoned seniors through my acquaintance with Alfiya M.

Planting Churches


In Ukraine, for example, there are over 10,000 villages that do not have any churches at all. Working together with existing, on-fire churches overseas, we have been able to plant over 500 new churches and build more than 20 new church buildings! One of our partner churches, in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, has started over 300 new churches!


Ukraine Refugees

Helping Ukraine Refugees

Picture We are doing everything we can, right now, to help the people of eastern Ukraine who are suffering because of the war. Many orphan children have been moved to summer camps and do not have the resources and assistance they need to live healthy lives.


Men's Institution

Buriy Oogliy

Loads of Love began helping the men at the Buriy Oogliy Institution (just outside the city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine) in 2006. When we first arrived, we found many of the men in an uncovered cage behind the main building. When we offered them bananas, through the bars, they began eating without peeling them. We quickly realized they had never seen bananas before.


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