Our Team

Ed Dickson

Ed Dickson and his family have been serving orphan children, seniors, refugees and local churches in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the Middle East since 1996.

Ed was born in Canada, raised on a tomato farm, and received a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics. One day, visiting orphan children in Ukraine, his life goals were changed. Ed has been serving children since that day.

Our Leaders

Irina Krizhanovskaya

Regional Director, Ukraine

 I have been working with the Loads of Love Mission since 2006. In the very beginning I was helping children with special needs. Then, almost immediately, the Lord revealed a huge need to help adults with special needs in our region. I realize now that I had been prepared for this all my life.

When I was growing up, I was afraid of people with special needs, but gradually that fear gave way to compassion. I understood that these people have the right to a full life. Then, when I accepted Christ, I went through a fierce, spiritual war which taught me to be unafraid of attacks. This boldness, in the Lord, prepared me for the challenges I would face at Buriy Oogliy. Our ministry has seen great miracles and signs. I am very grateful to God for all His promises to us!

Alfiya M

Regional Director, Uzbekistan

Sergey and Anya Bajenov

Regional Directors, Kyrgyzstan

Anya Boyarskaya

Program Director, Ukraine

Dima Zaichko

OCBD Director, Ukraine

My name is Dima Zaichko and I been serving with Loads of Love Ukraine for 12 years. We have seen amazing miracles for orphans and children with disabilities who needed surgical treatment. Over 167 very special children have been literally put on their feet through surgery and rehabilitation. I get extreme joy from helping orphans and children in hospitals receive the care they truly deserve. And we know that when we help others realize their dreams — God helps us realize ours!

Hanna Massad

Program Director, Middle East

Lena Taran

Program Director, Ukraine

Vitaliy Kolonii

Program Director, Ukraine

Anya Kozub

Program Coordinator, Ukraine

Lidia Lepehina

Treasurer, Ukraine

Yury Soroka

Superstar, Ukraine

Olya Slobodanyuk

Program Coordinator, Ukraine

Slobodanyuk I have been working with Loads of Love in Ukraine for over 20 years, and to this day I have not lost my passion to serve God in this way. I serve, along with a group of enthusiastic volunteers, at the Orphanage for Children with Special Needs in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.

We provide food, medicine and other essential goods for the children. We help them with games, crafts and help them get outside for fresh air and exercise. We even organize birthday parties to ensure that these amazing kids never feel forgotten.

We have found that our constant contact with the children builds their trust and fills their need for affection. Our success is seeing their creative potential realized and receiving the genuine love they give so freely!


Anya Zaichko

Program Coordinator, Ukraine

Tatyana Brusnik

Program Director, Ukraine

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