Our Team

Ed Dickson

Picture Ed Dickson and his family have been serving orphan children, seniors, refugees and local churches in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Jordan since 1996.

The Loads of Love mission in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East in is served by many amazing employees and volunteers. Some of the leaders working with Loads of Love can be seen in the gallery below ...

Our Team

Irina Tarabesh

Regional Director, Ukraine

Alfiya M

Regional Director, Uzbekistan

Sergey and Anya Bajenov

Regional Directors, Kyrgyzstan

Anya Boyarskaya

Program Director, Ukraine

Dima Zaichko

OCBD Director, Ukraine

Hanna Massad

Program Director, Middle East

Lena Taran

Program Director, Ukraine

Vitaliy Kolonii

Program Director, Ukraine

Anya Kozub

Program Coordinator, Ukraine

Lidia Lepehina

Treasurer, Ukraine

Yury Soroka

Superstar, Ukraine

Olya Slobodanyuk

Program Coordinator, Ukraine

Anya Zaichko

Program Coordinator, Ukraine

Tatyana Brusnik

Program Director, Ukraine

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