The Gaza Strip and Jordan


By Ed Dickson

The Gaza
Strip and Jordan

This is the report of my recent trip to the Gaza Strip and Jordan.  I never cease to be amazed by the level of security while entering the Gaza Strip from Israel.  I’ve never been to a maximum security prison but I can only imagine that this would be similar.  The picture on the left shows the tunnel that I walked through (after clearing the initial security checks and questions) to get to the Palestinian side of the ‘no man’s land’ that surrounds this small territory.

Once I got inside the Gaza Strip I was overwhelmed by the people’s feeling of hopelessness and the signs of destruction everywhere.  There is no question that what the Hamas government is doing (shooting missiles into Israel) is absolutely wrong, but there are so many questions that suggest the issue is much more complicated than my simple mind can grasp, and I just choose to react with ‘love’ to the best of my ability.

During the time we were there, missiles landed in Israel and this was met by a rocket strike from Israeli jets.  We were not afraid (since you only had to look around and see that there are swarms of people who live in this reality every day).  In fact, there are over 1.7 million people living in a sliver of land about 6km by 25km.

The most AMAZING thing of all though, was when Pastor Hanna took me to the church in the evening!

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