The city of Amman, Jordan - largest protestant church


By Ed Dickson

The city of Amman, Jordan - largest protestant church

After the Gaza Strip I traveled to the city of Amman, Jordan, where I had the great honour of speaking at one of the largest protestant churches in the country.  Pastor Hanna is working with this church to provide humanitarian aid to Christians who have fled Iraq and also refugees who have fled the fighting in Syria.

We were able to bring aid to several Syrian families and I was able to listen to unbelievable stories of devastation and survival.  The brothers (on the left) shared a story with me of how they had seen an angel walking the streets of their city in Syria!

Pastor Hanna took us to meet several Christian families who had fled from Iraq.  When the war started in Iraq there were about 2 million Christians living in that country.  Now there are only 200,000 remaining.  I met one lady, Lydia, who had been severely injured when terrorists bombed her church in Bagdad.  She told me stories of how some in her family were murdered and how their pastor was killed and his body left on the street (in front of the mosque) … taunting any Christian with certain death if they dared to come and take his body away.

Lydia’s family is now in Jordan and are one of the many families who attend Pastor Hanna’s Tuesday night fellowship (for Iraqi refugees) and benefit from the humanitarian aid that he distributes. I had the honour of praying with Lydia and her family and told them that the Lord has plans to bless them!

Thank you so much for continuing to believe in miracles with me!!!

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