The Loads of Love mission in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East in is served by many amazing employees and volunteers. Some of the leaders working with Loads of Love can be seen in the gallery below .


Mcjoyful serves over 2,600 orphans!

This year we took over 2,600 orphan children to McDonald's to celebrate Jesus' birthday in Ukraine! Our staff did an amazing job, once again, putting together a program that was EXTREMELY exciting (as you can see by the expression...


McJoyful Christmas - Another Successful Year!

McJoyful Christmas in Ukraine was another HUGE success this year! Altogether, 2,722 children were treated to a Happy Meal, games and a wild party celebrating Jesus' birthday! This was 'YEAR 13' for McJoyful and it's still a BIG thrill!

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The Gaza Strip and Jordan

This is the report of my recent trip to the Gaza Strip and Jordan. I never cease to be amazed by the level of security while entering the Gaza Strip from Israel. I’ve never been to a maximum security prison but I can only imagine that this would be similar.

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The Gaza Christian Church

In a room on the fifth floor of a building owned by the Gaza Christian Church I joined together with over 100 on-fire souls for an awesome evening! Their zeal was notable, since I knew that most of them could never leave this region, and they had all lived through attrocities...

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The city of Amman, Jordan - largest protestant church

After the Gaza Strip I traveled to the city of Amman, Jordan, where I had the great honour of speaking at one of the largest protestant churches in the country. Pastor Hanna is working with this church to provide humanitarian aid to Christians...

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McJoyful Christmas - Another Successful Year!

Pastor Hanna took us to meet several Christian families who had fled from Iraq. When the war started in Iraq there were about 2 million Christians living in that country. Now there are only 200,000 remaining.

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